Thursday, January 21, 2021

What does WHITE LABEL and SAAS (Software as a Service) software mean?

WHITE LABEL means that you can input the clients logo, address and information into BRASS and the output is in client letterhead style as if it came from their internal system. As a professional you may have many clients, all managed in BRASS, all with their own letterhead output like it was their own.

SAAS (Software as a Service) refers to a subscription based system where the host (BRASS) invests all the effort and research to keep the product up to date and functioning with the latest developments or enhancements instantaneously for the user whether a professional like yourself or the client. 

What does all this mean to you as a safety professional?

Professionals appreciate the document control features, fast summarizing of data, ability to duplicate work between projects and clients quickly and efficiently to save time. Professionals also really appreciate the fact their clients can connect themselves to enter data directly and perform many of the routine functions. 

BRASS enables benefits for the professional when the client subscribes to BRASS as well. The professional turns the BRASS system from an expense into income for their professional business while maintaining service delivery for the client and increased professional presentation. 

Continual Improvement Built-in!

BRASS holds an annual professional conference for stakeholders where you as a professional subscriber get to participate in the enhancements and future direction of the service providing your experiences and feedback. Current literature, research and trends are reviewed, coupled with the practicality of application and available technologies along with the business model of the approach. This partnership between BRASS and it's professional users is what ensures using a SAAS which will grow with you and your business as well as the times!

Deployment options

BRASS also has several different deployment options from the collective common server, to client specific server, to fully turnkey solution. Having this function allows comfort to recommend BRASS to your clients knowing that as you grow your service and their business grows, BRASS can grow with them and transcend the different challenges and requirements they may face. 

BRASS is designed by you, for you and grows with you.